US Army 1945 Pup Tent 2 x OD Shelter Halves and poles


Quick Overview

US Army two piece shelter half pup tent complete with pegs and poles. This model pup tent uses the shelter halves which join together with the special shelter half press studs.

US Army two piece shelter half pup tent complete with pegs and poles.

This model pup tent uses the shelter halves which join together with the special shelter half press studs. 

During World War Two the military Pup tent went through several changes, this version was of the last modifications and has basically stayed the same during the rest of the Pup military  service.

This green army pup tent differs from our model 1943 replica by having the later special double headed press studs to fasten the two shelter halves together instead of the metal buttons that are used on all the earlier pup tents.

This version of pup tent with the press studs is very popular with re-enactors as army surplus ones of this model have been easy to find up until recently where they seemed to have disappeared from surplus shops. So we have made a replica of it for a few reasons including; 1. if the rest of your group are using this model you can look the same. 2. a lot of customers want both shelter halves looking the same colour green which is proving more difficult with army surplus ones (these are all made using the same colour canvas so you get a great match).

We have called this the model 1945 pup tent for ease of ordering, I have not managed to find an exact date of when this model of pup tent (with the press stud fasteners) reached the soldiers in the field but there is no evidence that they where used in the field in 1945. So this is for a post war impression or so it matches in to be the same as the rest of your group pup tents.  

The poles are the late war version which replaced the earlier tri-folding tent poles. When the pup tent colour changed to OD#7 the poles changed to these single pole sections which push together and where painted green. These pole section are unissued and genuine US Army issue from the 1980's.

The shelter halves are brand new made replicas using quality heavy canvas, the canvas shelter halves are all the same colour green so you do not need to worry about mismatching colours. The outside has a "U.S." stamp and on the inside it is stamped "Kay Canvas 1945".

Price is for 1 x complete US Army WW2 green Pup Tent.

The OD#7 green model 1945 pup tent includes the following items:

  • 2 x Green canvas shelter halves with press stud fasteners.
  • 10 x Wooden pegs.
  • 6 x Pole sections each end requires 3 sections pushed together so enough for 2 poles.
  • 2 x Guy ropes, traditional rope not nylon.
  • 1 x lightweight canvas bag, only large enough to hold the shelter halves, will not fit the pegs and poles in as well.


1945 green shelter half features:

Each shelter half has the following features:

  • 5 grommets for pegs. 3 along the base and 1 at each end of the flaps.
  • 2 grommets in the top corners for the poles to go through. 
  • Canvas loop on the top corners for the guy ropes  
  • 5 x double rows of press studs down each door to close the flaps.
  • 9 x double rows of press studs along the roof to join the two shelter halves together.
  • 55" wide at widest point.
  • 65" along the base of the square section.
  • From point to point of the triangular end pieces.