British Camouflage Windproof Trousers


Quick Overview

Windproof Camouflage Trousers First issued in 1943 to be worn over the wool battle dress trousers. These lightweight camouflage over trousers where to be worn in cold weather of North West Europe.

British Camouflage Windproof Trousers.

First issued in 1943 these lightweight camouflage over trousers were originally to be worn over Battle Dress trousers in cold weather in North West European campaign, but could be worn by themselves in warmer weather. They proved very popular with soldiers as a lightweight camouflage uniform and were also worn by Special Air Service besides normal Infantry soldiers. The colouring and Pattern was very distinctive and there was nothing else used by the British Army during WW2. The print pattern was large and irregular with sharp edges and some look like they were applied by a brush.



  • Lightweight cotton
  • Windproof fabric
  • Buttoned Leg Map pocket
  • Brown Woven Braid Draw waist cord
  • Loose fit
  • 34" Long leg
  • Reinforced Knees
  • Reinforced Backside
  • Lower leg adjustable tabs 

Don't forget these are to be worn high around your belly and over your BD wool trousers so they will be bigger compared to normal trousers.

Order from size list below these assume you will be wearing over your BD trousers.

  • Size 2 Waist  32" upto 36"
  • Size 4 Waist  36" upto 40"
  • Size 6 Waist  40" upto 44" 
  • Size 8 Waist  44" upto 48"